Tzipi Biran was born in 1957 in Israel. She lives and works in her home in Kfar-Saba.


In 2000 Tzipi changed the course of her life, left her managerial position in a high-tech company and began studying the art of sculpting. Tzipi graduated with honors from the College of Art in Jaffa where she studied for a year. In the following year she studied with the sculptor Daniel Baharir and learned diverse molding techniques. In 2005 she studied stone sculpting with a master at the Indian artist village 'Mahamaliform'.


Tzipi creates her sculpture from tara cota and from stones, and molds most of her sculptures by herself from artificial marble, polyester resins, plaster and bronze. In her works, Tzipi tries to express the feminine experience as a complete individual that is constantly engaged in fulfilling her independence and femininity. Parallel to this, Tzipi emphasizes the potential of a harmonious and holistic connection within a nourishing, supporting and creative relationship between a couple, a promoting and protective partnership within a spiritual and physical connection. The figures in her works are like the dance of life in which the steps of one are adjacent, connecting, opposing, and supporting to that of others, creating a changing and constant movement.


Group exhibitions

 2016-    Best is at home", qurator Iilan Baque, Kfar-Saba,                                                                         

2015-   -"Open Space"' Hangar 2, Jaffa, curator: Osnat Israeli

             "Place" - The "Lake " gallery, Raanana, curator Doron Polak


             "Place"- Givataim Theather, Givatim, curator Doron Polak 
2014-    "Worldwide Art" in Jerusalem, Alrov Mamilla, curator: Tzipi Vital

            "Eros and passion"- "Aorgim gallery" Holon

2013-   "Seminary of Art", Museum of Ramat-Gan, curator: Monica Lavi.

           "Humor ans Satire" in Jerusalem, Alrov Mamilla, curator: Tzipi Vital

           "Naked Queen", Sapir Center, Kfar-Saba, curator: Avia Maymon.

           "Art Festival", Kfar-Saba, curator: Ada Moran Rice.

          - "Auction no. 36" Egozi Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2012  - "Muse'- Musical Instruments, Alrov Mamilla, Jerusalem , curator: Tzipi Vital

          -"Milestone" - Modyin, curator: Aya Bernard

          -"Glass Ceiling"- Sapir Center, Kfar-Saba, curator: Aya Bernard 

2011   -"Israel Art" Israeli Art Exhibition 2011, patronage by bank "Hapoalim"

           - "Open Studio"- Kfar-Saba

           -"Journey No.1 Art In Motion" Volvo & Jaguar showrooms, Tel-Aviv

           - Group exhibition, "Muse-al Windows, Ramat Aviv, Tel-Aviv.

2010   -"Muse"- group exhibition, The Old Jaffa Museum, Old Jaffa

           -"Imagination 2010", Israeli Art Exhibitin  2010.patronage by bank "Hapoalim"

 2008   - "A point of view" – group exhibition,   Gerard Bechar Theater Center, Jerusalem  

           - "A point of view– group exhibition, Kriger Center for the Performing Arts, Haifa 

           - "Shva" Gallery, Tel Aviv 

           - "Women create" – group exhibition, Azrielli Mall, Hod Hasharon 

           - "Sounds of Matter" - group exhibition, Beit Yigeal Alon, Safed 

           - "Autumn Living Room 2008" - group exhibition, Beit  Asia, Tel-Aviv  

           - "Open Studio" - solo exhibition, Hod- Hasharon. 

           -"Open studio"- Kfar-Saba

2009   - "Imagination"' Israeli Art 2009, patronage by bank "Hapoalim" 

            -"Open Studio"- solo exhibition, Hod-Hasharon.

          - "Again. as in the begining", Migdal Gallery, Tel Aviv.  

2007   - "Summer Living Room 2007" - group exhibition, Castra Art Center, Haifa

            - "Honfleur" Gallery, Bazra